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Keziah Mwangi
- Founder

As the innovative founder of both Empathy Nursing Agency and Empathy Algorithm, Keziah has established a legacy of exceptional care and technological advancements within the senior and elder care industry. With an initial background in aeronautical engineering, she discovered a true passion for providing outstanding care to seniors and set out to revolutionize the field by utilizing cutting-edge science and technology.

Keziah’s quest to define, quantify, and replicate good care led to a decade of hands-on experience in the home care industry, working closely with agencies, caregivers, and clients. This invaluable experience ultimately culminated in the creation of Empathy Algorithm—a breakthrough platform that addresses the daily challenges of care delivery while ensuring the highest quality of care and meaningful family involvement.

As a female entrepreneur in the home health space, Keziah is deeply committed to women empowerment and fostering a culture that supports and uplifts women. She is especially interested in issues such as caregiver support groups and dignifying caregiving as a craft. She is committed to creating an environment that champions the professional development of women and recognizes the importance of their contributions to the home care industry.

Keziah champions a holistic method for care delivery by harnessing the latest health tech innovations. This unwavering commitment to enhancing the care experience and maintaining the highest possible standards forms the foundation of Empathy Nursing Agency and Empathy Algorithm's guiding ethos.

With Keziah at the helm, Empathy Nursing Agency and Empathy Algorithm have emerged as trailblazers in the elder care sector, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in care delivery and setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation while empowering women within the industry